Monday, June 29, 2015

INSANE!!! The Word of the Week:)

This fabulous hairdo explains this week!!! INSANE:) haha
Our last district meeting before transfers. Elder Boyd bought us all mango slushies
I spent a couple days working with Sister Tate, my MTC companion. We laughed a lot about how  far we have come
Dear everyone,

I refuse to believe that I'm almost 20. haha

Things that happened this week:

1-My sweet Sister Johnson got transferred to Xinzhuang. That is in the Taipei West Zone. I MISS HER.
My new companion is Sister Walker. She was just in Jilong. She has fantastic curly hair and she's a super hard worker. She is from Boise Idaho :)
Saying goodbye to Sister Johnson
My new companion, Sister Walker:)
2-We officially became a ward this week :) It was such a fantastic meeting. I really love this ward. It was sad to see Hou HZ get released, but it was so AWESOME to see the new organization starting up. Our new bishop is going to rock it. Our new bishop is Zhang zhujiao. He's really really awesome. We are also so glad that Huang DX is still our ward mission leader. He is amazing!!!
Huang DX and our ward missionaries. We lost Sister Johnson and Elder Elliott and gained Sister Walker and Elder Matua!
3-HUNTER WILL BE BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY :) We're all very excited. The whole branch is getting involved in bringing food and friends and just... all the things! We're really hoping that we can have a lot of investigators in attendance as well. We're going to have to be doing some more faithful finding this week. We have a lot of awesome investigators! They're all so close.... I just feel like they're right at the edge of the baptismal font ... haha. But there are still some things holding them back which we have to confront first.

Our cute investigator Hunter and his sister!!! The story of he and his family is truly a miracle!
4-This week I have been studying Jesus the Christ. It blows my mind every single day. I was really loving the story about the Woman Taken in Adultery this morning. I just find the way that the Savior handles the situation so beautiful. I was also thinking it's interesting that he's very sharp with the proud Pharises but very loving and gentle with the humble sinner.

5-Using the "My Family" book. The "My Family" book has been a personal revelation for me. I remember as I started to put stories and faces and people together that I really understood more about who I was. So much of who I am is influenced by those who came before me. I come from such a blessed lineage! So many amazing people. It also strengthened my testimony of God's plan for his children. As I looked into how the gospel was introduced into my family, I saw the Lord's hand so clearly.

Random things:

- I'm going to be playing the traditional drums of the native people here for Seminary graduation on Wednesday.
- I've never sweated so much in my whole life.
- We keep getting scolded by everyone for being out in the sun during the heat of the day.
- I've started working on reading chinese characters lately. 
- We've had 2 different investigators offer to take us around on P-day!!

Alright, well, I think this has been just a super crazy week. 

I love you all so much :)

Keep on Keeping on :)

Gu Jiemei

This is our neighbor who is very catholic and her daughter who has cancer. They are some of my favorite people. Mama is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. They're both such big blessings to me:) 

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