Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Last picture with Pres & Sis. Day before they leave for home:(
The Cultural Celebration
The culture of this country is so beautiful and colorful and grand and just... the best! It was so cute to see our members getting involved and getting down to their roots :) I feel so blessed to be here at this time.
Dear Family and Friends,

Well, the Lord really wanted to keep me focused and busy this week:) haha. This week we had exchanges with the Temple Sisters and our Sister Training Leaders and we had the making of the stake and the cultural celebration in Hualien! 


I am so happy that we do exchanges haha. When I was a younger missionary I didn't like exchanges so much because I always felt like it was an opportunity for other Sister Missionaries to evaluate and judge me. This last week I really understood the purpose of exchanges. It's to inspire, uplift, and bless! We have incredible leaders in this mission and I have learned so much from their love and example. This last week was no exception. I learned a lot about being bold and bearing testimony. I learned more about the importance of obedience and most importantly HAVING FUN AND BEING YOURSELF! I've realized to that all missionaries do this work differently. That's the point! haha we're all different spirits and that's how God created it. I loved exchanges :) We were actually a little bit nervous about our area this week because we would be in Hualien over the weekend, but it was actually our best week ever! Thanks to exchanges :) haha 

Exchanges with the Temple Sisters
I had my last interview with President Day last transfer, but this was the last time I'll see him, unless I go up to transfers on Friday. We got to hear President and Sister Day's final words of advice and they blew my mind. Some of the things he said were very sacred and dear to me so I won't be sharing them here, but I am a better person because of the example of my Mission President. 

Transfers are on Friday. And since Sister Johnson will be finishing her training, it's incredibly likely that one of us will be leaving our beloved Taidong. We are trying to have a good attitude and just remember the eternal perspective, but it's going to be tough. Pray for us. haha :)

Our New Mission President comes next Tuesday!!

The creating of this new stake really is a very historic moment for Taiwan. It's the last district to be made into a stake for the Taiwan Taipei mission. It was something that many didn't think was possible. I feel so lucky to just be tagging along for the tail end of this project and getting to see the outcome! haha. This is going to be a huge blessing for the people of our (now) wards because there will be all the keys of the priesthood in access.
Our branch president, Pres. Hou, is now in the new stake presidency. The new stake will be very blessed to have him, but we will miss him in our branch (ward)

Dinner with some of our favorite people:)
This week was hard and amazing :) I know that God has a plan for each of his kids. He loves us and wants us to come home. We can not give up. It's not going to be easy. Of course not, but it's going to be worth EVERY tear. EVERY heartache. and EVERY test. I testify that Jesus Christ is our perfect example. He made the way for each of us, his brothers and sisters, to come unto Him. He will not leave you. He can't. (haha It's kind of his eternal responsibility to be by our side) He does it because he loves us. 

I love you all!!

All the East Coast Sisters!
We thought this would make a great picture for the Ensign:)
12 sisters in one apartment. Can you say fun? :) haha it was the best!! I love being surrounded by missionaries. There's just a special spirit when you're with people who are working with you in the cause of Salvation. God is helping us a lot :) 

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