Tuesday, June 9, 2015

7 Eleven's and Miracles

Have I mentioned that it is the rainy season? :) When it rains everyone pulls over to the side of the road, gets out their pastel rain ponchos, puts them on and keeps riding. Of course when you start riding with your poncho on you look like a giant pastel marshmallow:) We call it the Pastel Poncho Poof!
We've found a place by the church that sells peanut butter french fries. As soon as I heard the words "peanut butter" I was sold!!!
Some of our beautiful Taiwanese investigators:)
Dear Family & Friends,
Funny things of the week:

1-We got paid $200 NT for singing to Chen Ama this week.

Here's adorable Chen Ama looking at our family pictures. We've gone and visited her a couple times now. Her foot is broken so she can't walk. She just sits on her doorstep all day every day. She loves when we go and sing to her. This week when we saw her she predicted what our husbands would look like for us! She said they would be brothers. and that they would both be very handsome. haha :) 
2-We've become pretty good friends with the man who owns one of the 7/11's in our area. He talks to us every time we go over there. This time as we were walking to the other side of the store he yelled all the way accross the store, "Hey! You want chocolate? Buy Twix. It's buy one get one free. I've got my card." hahahaha We were dying. And we got free chocolate!

3-We also had another really awesome 7/11 experience. Our Golden investigator Jim that we met a few weeks ago reappeared! It was a miracle! We met him on a Saturday, he came to church on Sunday and then he wouldn't answer his phone after that. We were so discouraged. Then we saw him at 7/11! He said he's been working really hard to find work, but has been so busy and not able to answer his phone. 

4-I was given an impromptu massage on the street. haha jk that's not really what it was, but that's the fun way to explain it. We met this really loud and fun woman at that same 7/11 and she prayed with us and bought us chocolate.

5-Our Elders got us cockroach traps. They're the best.

Miracles of the week:

-HUNTER. So this week we had a special fast for Hunter. This week we found out that his dad wasn't to keen to let him be baptized. His Dad just wanted Hunter to be older so that he could actually decide for himself before he just got forced by missionaries to be baptized. We fasted for them on the day Liang JM wanted to talk with Hunter and his dad about the baptism. All day long I was so nervous. I was praying so hard that Hunter would have the courage to express to his Dad his desires to be baptized. 

Liang JM said that Hunter's usually pretty indecisive about things and so she wasn't sure how this was all going to play out. But as soon as his Dad asked him if he wanted to be baptized he said a definitive, "Yes." Liang JM said that after that, his Dad said that he would respect it. He just wanted to be here for the baptism. When we heard about it we cried. haha :)

-WE HAD 5 INVESTIGATORS COME TO CHURCH. We had a lot of people set up once again, but I wasn't so sure who would actually show up. So our next door neighbor Chen Su Mei (The one who has stage 4 cancer)  had said that they would come this week, but then they were kind of unsure and just... ya. But! On Sundaymorning we went over to knock on their door and Chen Su Mei answered. She was dressed in a skirt! She was all ready to go!! We were so surprised! Then I just prayed and prayed and prayed that they would still come. haha.

So we rode our bikes to the church with lots of anticipation in our pedals. The meeting had just started and we were out in the hall making some last minute calls to get people there when Chen Su Mei and her mom (the catholic branch presidnet) and Rini (Their Indonesian care-taker) showed up! Oh my goodness. What's better? It was fast Sunday and everyone shared clear and perfect testimonies! No false doctrine! :) 


I love my mission. Even on the days when I feel like everything is going wrong I still can write in my journal that I love my mission. Isn't that amazing?! The church is true. I love this gospel and I love all the parts of it. I know this is God's true church on the earth. 

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers :)
Gu Jiemei
We've been meeting people from around the world. This girl is from Russia. I tried speaking a little Croatian (that my sister Kenz taught me) to her and she didn't understand a word of it:) haha. 
These three are from Spain and approached us in the 7 Eleven

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