Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Full Week as a Full Time Missionary

Dear Family & Friends,
I can't believe that I am beginning my last full week as a full time missionary!!! This last transfer has just been a very refining one :) I'm thankful for the gospel and all the peace it brings. Here are a couple of the tender mercies of this week: in picture form:)
1.  Attending the temple
2. This week when we were at the temple I ran into one of our Xinan members! And then--due to a very large tender mercy of the Lord--I got to go to lunch with 3 of my very favorite members today! WOOHOO!!! 
3. Our sweet Huang Xin Hua will be getting baptized before I go home! We're so excited for her. She was actually an investigator about 2 years ago and we found her record and decided to contact her!  She's inspiring! :)
4. Love these adorable kids:)
5. This week I decided I missed Young Women's too much... so we put on an activity! This activity ended up being the most stressful cookie-making I've ever endured, but look at their smiling faces :) 
6. Exchanges with our favorite Xindian Seesters.
7- There's only so much more time left where I can match clothing with my best friend and have it be socially acceptable... so we capitalized on this fine opportunity. Team Taiwan!
8- This morning we went to our usual park for exercise and found an empty half-court for basketball. Turns out the players that were on the other half actually wanted to play full-court... so we ended up playing against them! It was the most fun exercise we've had in a while :) Watch out for Taiwanese basketball players... They're fierce.
9- Seeing some of the beautiful sights here in Taipei
10- Visiting the largest miao in my area.
11- This picture is a story I will have to tell later;) it includes the investigator, the RC, the 2 peikes, and the dog. One big happy family! :) 
A couple of other things I didn't take pictures of but am so grateful for were:
-Seeing Sherry on the street and having her bear her testimony to us right there of how Heavenly Father loves her and is protecting her
-We were able to attend an activity with our Relief Society and we pulled a woman in off the street to attend. She loved it and fit right in with our members!
-I attended my final ward council of my mission
-Sister Meyers. She keeps me laughing even when I don't want to :) haha

Heading into this last full week of missionary work is a little bit crazy, but I'm thankful for the support of an awesome companion and all the prayers from people back home. I know I'm where God wants me to be. I know I'm doing the Lord's work. I'm thankful for all the growth and stretching God is putting me through. 


Gu Jiemei

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