Monday, November 16, 2015

The Night Market, Sun Protection, Dongua Cha and More Miracles Along the Way:)

My companion and I became true Taiwanese women this week as we bought the traditional sun-protection arm sleeve. 
We love the Night Market:)
Another picture of the Night Market
This week I decided I was going to make Dongua Cha! I'd never done it before.. but it turned out pretty good! :) haha If you want to try it, it's called Winter Melon tea. You can go and buy these brick like things from Asian markets and then you just boil it in water. It's delicious :) 

IT IS NOT NOVEMBER 16. I can hardly believe it. I'm in real shock. Christmas is coming! Thanksgiving is like here! WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! haha. 

This week has been full of miracles and changes and love and prayer and humbling and just... so much. haha :) I'm thankful for Sister Wood and her example of love. :) She's the best.


Let me tell you a little bit about our investigator. So he's been investigating the church on and off for about 3 years. His name is Lin Jun Nan. He's about 40 years old and he's a champion. He's got really good English and likes to practice it with us. We tell him how awesome he is all the time and he says, "Yes. Because I have Jesus.". We asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said "Yes. I think so. Because I really want to change my life." He's so golden and so amazing. 

About 6 months ago he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He's not willing to take chemo or any drugs like that and so the doctors don't think he has much longer. Even since I've been here I've seen his condition get worse... but I've never met someone with a better attitude. He's literally in constant pain, but he always has a joke to share or a high-five to give. I'm so thankful for his hard work. As we met with him yesterday he said, "You know, I think this is my test. I think something really big is coming." We testified to him that what he said was true. 

He met with President yesterday for his final baptismal interview and he passed! He's being baptized on Saturday at6:00. We're thrilled. :)
Oh. One more thing, his English name is Mark. (Maddie's uncle who died of cancer 9 yrs ago is named Mark. He was also 40 yrs old when he passed away)

Another one of my favorite experiences this week was this one:) So about a month ago Sister Fenlaw and I were giving temple tours and there was a member who came in with her friend. Apparently her friend had taken off work very specifically to come and do this tour. As we were getting to know this friend she told us she was from Yonghe and very shy. She has a hard time getting to know new people. Well, guess where I moved to a few weeks later? Yonghe. I think it was a tender mercy for this little woman, but it also showed me that God knows exactly where I am and what he wants me to do all the time :) He's go it all figured out. 
One of our sweet miracles this week:)
Lastly this last Saturday at our church we had a family history activity. It was VERY well attended and lots of fun. Our part as missionaries was to give a mini little temple tour with pictures. When Sister Wood and I were manning the station, there weren't very many people in attendance, but there was this little angel. Her name is Luo Jiemei. She lives in one of our neighboring wards and is 17 years old. We talked with her about the temple and then asked her what she had thought about serving a mission. She said that she was already planning on it. We expressed our excitement and she then said, "Well... I think it's going to have lots of challenges." In that moment I reflected back on my mission and all the challenges that I've had... but I realized as well that coming out of those challenges and seeing the blessings that come from them is the best feeling in the whole world. We then talked about how God blesses us in our trials. She then shared with us something her seminary shared with her, "When the trials are the hardest, the blessings are the most." I testify that is true. I think it's so easy when we are in times of trial to not see His hand. I'm still very very bad about that, but I'm thankful that I can look backawards. I'm thankful I can reflect when my perspective is better and see His hand better than I did the first time. 
Luo Jiemei
Oh yes Mom haha, I'm a Sister Training Leader now. (Mom note:  Maddie didn't mention this when she was transferred but I kind of guessed from some of the things they were doing) I will actually be killing Sister Wood here in Yonghe. :) She finishes her mission December 18. CRAZY!! She's doing really good at keeping her fire burning though :) 

I love my mission. I love the Lord. I love Taiwan.

Thank you for the undying love and support.
Gu Jiemei
Cute Guo Jiemei! One of the first missionaries I met here in Taiwan. Love her so much!!!
Got to have a moon cake this week from a famous bakery here in Taipei
Some of my ALL TIME favorite sisters!!!

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