Monday, November 9, 2015

Another Dramatic Move:)

Sometimes when you are at Zone Conference you get to do Zumba in front of your whole Zone:) Wearing your favorite Ama pants. (All the little grandmas here in Taiwan wear these pants)
We were very excited when we found out favorite ice cream bars at the Family Mart! I don't think the company is making them any more, so we had to buy a few:)
Our sweet investigator Hugo and our cute member peike Shi Mama:)
Having some fun with Sister McComber. (Presidents Jergensens mother in law, and our cute mission grandma:)
Dear Family and Friends,

As is common with my mission, a very dramatic move happened! We had all kind of felt like maybe Sister Fenlaw would move and so we were preparing for that. But we were still nervous because honestly anything can happen with move calls. So we got through our english party. Which went really well! We did a temple tour with all of our students and there was some VERY positive response from them. A lot of people really loved the Because of Him video. I don't blame them! It's like my favorite :) haha anyways, after the english party we got home and tried to start planning, but we were just so nervous! And we kept jumping every time the phone would ring. So the Zone Leaders finally called us to tell us the news and asked if the other sisters were home. The other sister's were still in a lesson so the zone leaders said they would have to call back in a minute. It was so intense and we started chanting "kill the zone leaders" and stomping around our house. hahahaha (Side note, we really do love our Zone Leaders. They are excellent. We were just very stressed! haha) So when the other sisters got home we called the zone leaders and they told us that Sister Fenlaw, Sister Aldous, and I would all be moving. We were in shock. Nobody said anything for a while. We then had about 24 hours to pack up all our things and try to say goodbye to people before we were transferred. But we got to end our time in Xinan with a trip to the temple with Luo Jiemei. I can't think of anything better :)
Going to the temple with Luo Jiemei, her first time:)
Getting to see the Lai family at the temple doing baptisms for their ancestors!!! AMAZING
One quick experience we had with one of our awesome investigator before we had to say goodbye to him. So we started out by asking him if he had read the Book of Mormon...

Jameson: "Not a ton... I just read that intro and the testimonies.(which was exactly what we invited him to read 2 days before)" 
Us:  "Well cool! Did you get a chance to pray before you read?" 
Jameson:  'Well... no. But I did pray after I read it." 
Us:  "Really?? That's awesome!" 
Jameson:  "Well the intro invites you to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not... so I did that." 
Us:  "So what was your answer?" 
Jameson:  "To keep on learning and keep on going." 

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! It was so amazing. It was so hard to follow up and have such an amazing lesson and then have to tell him goodbye. It was very hard, but we know he's in good hands with the other sisters :) I also found out that he went to church and FHE this last week! Atta boy! :) 

Our awesome investigator Jameson!
My new companion is Sister Wood :) She's from Springville. She's fantastic :) haha I love her very much and we're already having a ball! She's very talented in music. She's very competent at this mission thing. She's got REALLY good relationships with our ward members. She's REALLY good at helping the Sisters in our zone. She's just... perfect. Yep :) I'm learning lots.
My new companion, Sister Woods. We actually got to be companions for a couple of weeks in Zhubei:)
A few things about my new area:
I am now in the Yonghe area, which means I'm still in Taipei just about a 30 min. bike ride from my old area. Things are actually a little cheaper here! There are A TON more people and they all live in our area! :) haha it's amazing! Our chapel is really little, but I really like it. I feel like our members here are very humble. Also... Yonghe people are all just really smiley. It's cool! :) haha. I
We went contacting at this really beautiful park and saw miracles!
So I'm very excited for the upcoming transfer. There are lots of good things already in the works and we've got some good goals for the future. I'm excited for everything that the Lord has in store.

Last week my ponderizing scripture was Proverbs 3:5-6 (one of mom's favorites). I remember choosing it on Monday and thinking, Is this really going to be that important this week? I basically know what's going to happen... Little did I know! I know that as we trust in the Lord... he will make it all work out. He's shown me that countless times on my misson. I'm thankful for those reminders :) 

I love you!
Gu Jiemei

One of our cute members braided my hair:) I don't let very many people do that!!! haha. My head is way too tender:)
Last pictures with Sister Fenlaw, wearing our National Taiwan University T-shirts !!!

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