Monday, October 5, 2015

The Week of Goodbyes & Reunions:)

My cute mission family. My  mom (on the right), and my two daughters (on the left)
This was our districts last morning of frisbee playing before Elder Varney and Elder Larson left.
Cute Sister Johnson is moving to Zhubei, where I served and also my trainer:) One big happy family!!!
Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a crazy one! We stayed inside for a typhoon, we went to the trainer-trainee follow-up meeting, got put into a tripanionship, did temple tours, and went to transfer meeting! So we will call this week... the week of goodbyes and reunions. I was so blessed to be able to see many friends this week at the transfer meeting! But it was also sad to say goodbye to a lot of friends.

Here a few other things that went on this week:

1-Temple Tours & Ipads- We've recently started using Ipads as part of our temple tours and it has added so much power to our lessons! We were able to take one of the RCs of our ward through and talk about the importance of attending the 3rd hour of church so that he could learn how to better use his Priesthood power. It was the coolest! Then we got to watch the video "None were with Him" by Elder Holland. 

2- Humility Month-So for the past few months I've been selecting different Christ-like attributes to focus on and particularly pray for. Last month was patience, and this month is humility! Sister Fenlaw has also joined in on this praying... and we're in for quite a month :) haha One of our most amazing members Wu Jiemei  helped us peike (be present for our lessons) 2 times! And to thank her I accidentally threw my whole water bottle full of water on her. Oh humility month.... Pray for us:)

One of our amazing members who I drenched with water accidentally :(
3- Early Morning Seminary- This morning we got to go to early morning seminary! It was so great to see that seminary is the same all over the world... We went to attend early morning seminary at the request of one of our members. It was fun to see all the teenagers gathered together and sacrificing their sleep to come closer to Christ.

Early morning seminary. I made them pose for this picture:) Normally they are all paying attention:)
4-Seeing my cute friend Jade Kho, who is now serving her mission in Taiwan. (Jade is one of Maddie's friends from High school, she recently got her call to Taiwan and just arrived)  So we had temple tours on the day that the new missionaries were coming in so we were at the chapel ALL day... I could not focus. I was constantly looking around the corners or out the windows or just anything... trying to find my Jade!! haha So then... at the very end of the night when we were getting ready for English class, I saw a large horde of Elders and I didn't recognize any of them. I knew these had to be the new ones. So I searched and I searched and finally at the very back of the pack of suits I saw a yellow cardigan and I ran and flew into Jade's arms :) haha It was so sweet to see her. I then was blessed enough to go to the transfer meeting as well and watch her introduce herself to everyone! She already speaks super super well. haha I don't think anyone believes she's not native.
Cute Jade Kho!!!

5- Release Letter- I got my release letter this week. Oh my. My release date is March 12.

I just want everyone to know that God loves us. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooo thankful for a living prophet on the earth today. Being here and not being able to access general conference as easily or being able to go to the temple has really made me appreciate so much more the blessings we have in this gospel. I know that the Prophet is called of God. I know that God wants us to be happy. I'm still trying to figure out the whole infinite Atonement thing, but I know that it is all about hope and love. I take great comfort in knowing that I don't have to know everything in this life to make things work out. I can just keep trying and God will make up the rest. I'm thankful for amazing leaders and friends and family who have supported me and guided me throughout my life and especially on my mission. I know that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ atoned for us. I know that we are all supposed to keep learning.


I love you all :)

Gu Jiemei

This is one of my favorite streets. Don't you love all the Chinese lanterns?

One more shot of the street:)

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