Monday, August 31, 2015

Temple Tours & So Much More!!!

Me and my two cute babies:) Sister Johnson and Sister Fenlaw. One big happy family!!!
This is just one of our greatest pictures...helmets, soaking wet , rain ponchos, the whole deal:)
A better picture of Sister Fenlaw and I!!
Dear Family and Friends,

It's been an incredible week for the Xinan B Sisters!!

Monday we got to go on exchanges. Guess who I got to serve with? My dear sweet Wu Jiemei :) (Maddie's trainer) It was such an amazing blessing at such an important time for me. We got to teach together and really just see how much we've both changed. It was amazing. I love that girl. She has changed my mission and my life. Something Wu JM has always been good at is helping me to remember my potential. I think when I get into the habit of things in missionary work it's harder for me to remember how important what I'm doing is. But Wu JM helped me to get right back on track. It's also fun because we've served in all the same areas! haha :) We got to talk for a long time and it was so spiritually refreshing. We talked a lot about the Atonement and how to apply it. We talked about the Spirit and how as missionaries we often follow the Spirit without recognizing it. We talked about our fears about going home and just... it was so nice to talk about everything. She's good about telling me very directly what to do :) I love her :) haha

Tuesday was district meeting and I really loved it. The elder who prepared our District Meeting really did a good job and I felt the Spirit and have thought about it a lot since then. The bad part? After District Meeting we had a plan to go to a place for English Boarding and... being new to this area... I lead us to a really far away and inconvenient place. And then the dinner plans we had also failed... haha Go team Sister Giles failure! But I'm learning :) haha

Wednesday was our temple tours! So actually neither of us have been trained on it... so we just kind of went and prayed for help! haha WE were able to give our first tour to a family from Utah! They were back to visit their missions. It was really cool. As we were giving this tour I got emotional. I realized that I rarely get emotional on the mission while doing spiritual shares or things but during this tour it got me! Talking about the temple has a whole new meaning for me since it's been a while since I've gone :) I miss it so much, but I'm so happy to be so close to it where we serve now :) 
Doing our first Temple Tours at the Taipei Temple
Just a little about the ward I'm serving in now. We are in one of the oldest wards in Taiwan. (Another stark contrast from where I just came from :) haha the newest ward to the oldest!) So it's a lot bigger than what I"m used to, but it's really nice having lots of members to work with. Our ward members are awesome. We attended ward council last week and it was just super awesome and inspiring. Our bishop has a very big personality and I can't wait to get to know him and his family more. There are a lot of young men and young women and I can't wait to get started working in there :)

One other great thing about this week...There are a million prepared people!! Seriously... we've been having some really high quality lessons this past week and it's just like we're meeting lots of people who are ready for this :)

The skyscraper in the back is called Taipei 101 and is one of the world's most amazing skyscrapers:)
This mango ice cream is a must when in Taiwan!!!
Coco's another must in Taiwan!!! We have to do something to stay cool:)
The rest of the week was also super awesome... I can't remember all the things and I'm running out of time real fast. But know that I'm changing. I'm growing. I'm thankful for this past month. It has been nothing like I expected it to be, but its' everything that the Lord knows I need. I'm thankful for this gospel and I know that God loves us and knows us individually. The Church is TRUE.

I love you all!  Thanks again for all the prayers, love and support!!!
Gu Jiemei

One of the signs of being an old missionary. My Book of Mormon on the left and Sister Fenlaws on the right:)
Another sign of being an old missionary. Mine on the left and hers on the right:)

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