Monday, August 24, 2015

Go Team Jesus!!!

Sister Fenlaw and I and our cute roommates, Sister Branch & Sister Aldous
Dear Family & Friends,
Life in the big city is wild!!! haha. Here are a few things that happened this week:

1- We met Phoebe when we were sitting at a bus stop eating ice cream during lunch. I invited him to English class and he was super excited. Then we asked if we could pray and he was super excited. Then we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was super excited. He was like our little superman! He said an awesome prayer and made Sister Fenlaw and I super excited. He told us he already had a bible at home. We proceeded to ask if we could come over and share a message with him. He said his parents would be super upset. I was a little confused about that and asked, "then why does your family have a bible?" he said, "it's not my parents, it's my personal bible." How cool is this kid?! He told us he would definitely read the Book of Mormon and we're hoping to see him at that bus stop again later! He wasn't able to set up because of his parents, but once again... I HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN THE TAIWANESE YOUTH!! :)

This is Phoebe. He is amazing:)
2-One of our finest adventures of the week started when Sister Fenlaw got her bike, (which is a miracle:) The problem? It had no pedals. But no worries... we can put on pedals ourselves! The problem? We broke the pedals trying to put them on by ourselves. The next problem? We don't know where a bike store is. The solution? Asking strangers on the street! They directed us to the college campus bike shop. The next problem? We needed to completely by a new specialize part. So we headed off again following strangers and my new-found sense of direction. The next problem? We don't actually know our area's boundaries... The solution? Calling the APs (who work in our area) . Problem? They didn't answer. The next solution, JUST PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY. So... FINALLY, at 3:45 we found a bike shop that had the part we were looking for. The miracle occurred as we were walking around the back of the shop we found this beautiful canal :) Tender mercy.

This was the beautiful miracle of the day!
This was when I was done with this very long day:) haha.
3-As we were getting ready for church all of a sudden everything just got really loud. I was really confused and then realized that a downpour of precipitation had just erupted! But... we still had to ride to church! haha so rain ponchos only cover part of us. haha. Really we just swam to church. haha. We were drenched by the time we got there. haha. Never a dull moment in Taiwan

Here is what I looked like when I got to church:)
4-My companion and I felt prompted to go to the very outskirts of our area. There was no one there, not for blocks and blocks. I told my companion,  "I'll follow you":). So we go to this back corner of an apartment complex in the middle of no where when I said "We gotta turn around" We go back to a house and ring the doorbell. A cute little Filipino lady answers the door. between a mixture of English and Chinese we convey to her who we are and that God sent us here to talk to her and to remind her that she is not alone and he remembers her and is watching over her. She immediately starts crying. Explains to us that she hasn't seen her family in years, the lady she works for won't allow her to go to church. but that she knows God. She then offered the longest Tagolog prayer I have ever heard. She has a Tagolog and English Book of Mormon and has begun reading faithfully everyday. There would have been no other way to meet her because she is only allowed out of the home of the lady she works for to take her to doctors appointments but I know for sure God led us there that day. 

5-This week we met so many prepared people we set 9 baptismal dates.... 2 of which were in our area. I have met more prepared people in the last week than I have in the rest of my entire mission" the thing is... we would love to find more prepared people in Xin An (Sheen Ann) area. We are all team Jesus so all the baptismal commitments we have our wonderful we would just love the opportunity to teach these people and communicate God's love to them and then be allowed to continue teaching them :)

Mission life never ceases to amaze me!!! This week I've learned that the Lord's ways are higher than my ways. I don't think we've had one plan go smoothly this week. But we've still seen miracles:) 

I love my companion:) Sister Fenlaw has an enduring good attitude. No matter what happens, she always can find a reason to smile or help me not feel so stressed. She's also a hard worker. We also have very similar senses of humor so we've been spending a lot of time just laughing :)
Cute Sister Fenlaw always has a smile on her face:)
Thanks so much for all the love and support!!! Please keep praying for us:)
Gu Jiemei

Sister Aldous after our morning mud frisbee game:) haha

The sign of a missionary who served in Taidong over the summer:) That is my tan line from my watch!

We scared our roommates good this morning:)

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