Monday, July 27, 2015

Heavenly Father Loves His Kids

On our way to Lyji to visit Huang DX's relatives and friends:)
Awesome exchange with Sister Tan in Hualien! Love her:)
Dear Family and Friends,

This has been another huge week in the life of Sister Maddie Giles. Here are a few things that happened this week:

1- So this sweet man is one of Huang DX's relatives. He has special needs and oh my good gracious did he blow us away :) We were sitting at this pegotta and Huang DX called him over to talk to us. Then as we were talking, we realized something very special... he can beat box!! AND BREAK DANCE! He didn't break dance for us... but he did beat box with Elder Stevens. It was one of the coolest things ever :) haha 

2- This little girl is one of our MM Leader's relatives. This week he took us up to Lyji which is also ridiculously beautiful. We basically just rode around as he introduced us to all of his family and friends up there. We sang and prayed and shared scriptures and it was a blast. Sister Walker and I were talking about how that's how missionary work should be. Through the member's and just meeting all of their friends.

So this little meimei and I just bonded immediately. She would hold my hand as we walked around and play with me and just... filled my heart with joy. It was a tender mercy and i won't soon forget her. 
3- This was my favorite miracle of the week.The referral that took us to this super far part of our area was from a man we met close to our home. He referred us to his mother who he said was a very firm Christian. So we rode... and we rode... and we rode... I had not realized how far away she was. I was beginning to doubt that we would ever find this woman when at last we asked her neighbors and they led us to her. 

We entered the house and realized very quickly that this woman did not actually speak Chinese. She only spoke Taiwanese. Which neither I or Sister Walker can speak very well. So we prayed with her and sang for her and didn't really know what to do after that. Then we saw that she had a piano.

Sister Walker asked her if she played the piano, she said no and then Sister walker asked if I played. I told her I didn't really play but I could plunk a little bit. So I went over to the piano and played the classic Aloute (Sp?). We laughed and smiled and then I had a feeling that I needed to play nearer my God to thee. It's one of the 2 hymns I have memorized. haha

So I started playing and I heard a voice over my left shoulder. At first I thought it was my companion singing, but as I turned to look, I realized that this 86 year old woman was singing. I finished the hymn in pure shock. Up until this point I hadn't realized that Nearer my God to Thee was a popular Christian hymn. The Spirit was so strong and testified to me that this woman was my sister. That even though I couldn't do much to help her right now, when her time came she would be just fine. 

We then discovered that she had a hymnbook that had Taiyu in it. We took tons of pictures :) haha

4- Mom asked me about some of the things I love about Taidong. Here are just a few:  The scenery. As you can probably tell from my letter this week it's very beautiful. Also the people. They're just like Southern Americans. Very hospitable and everyone is just like family. I love this area :) I'll be so sad to leave. 
Huang DX's birthday cake:)
I know that God is our Heavenly Father and He loves his kids. I can feel him pushing me and stretching me and just letting me grow. I've been learning a lot about the Savior lately and really having to rely on him. I love this gospel and I know that it is true.

THank you for the prayers support and love. I can't believe how much love I get every week on Mondays. Thank you :)

With all my heart,
Gu Jiemei

My farming hat!
I know you can't see this spider very well but it's as big as a big person's hand! haha
Finding some very beautiful places in our area:)

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  1. Sister Giles, how fun it is to read about your adventures and to feel of your Spirit and love of missionary work. It reminds us of our own missions and what a beautiful time we had serving. We feel so blessed to know you and vicariously share in your mission adventures. We love you! Grandpa Ray and Margy