Monday, April 6, 2015

We Have to Bloom Where We Are Planted:)

I am in such a beautiful country!!!
This little flower is growing out from the cement. Nothing else is alive around it. Amazing!!
Well, this has been a less-crazy week. (If I can really say that. haha)

So as we were riding our bikes I noticed this flower on the side and I had to stop. It reminded me of that phrase bloom where you're planted. I really think I've gained a testimony of that over the past transfer. From moving apartments in Zhubei and serving in those two wards, to coming to Taidong and working in two branches, I really have learned that even if our situations are not ideal, we can blossom. 

This little flower gives me hope. No matter where we are, or how uncomfortable, or tired, or stressed we might be, we can bloom where we are planted. It won't always be easy, but as we follow the commandments of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we will see results. 

Taidong is out in the country. It is amazing!!! There is a much different pace to life here.
This cute sister is from Georgia:)
When I attended Hualien's district meeting on Tuesday, they did a classic inspired question exercise. What that means is that you stare into your companions eyes for one minute and then you pray for an inspired question to ask them. Then you ask them this question and share a scripture with them. Sister Tan was the one who asked me my question and she asked, "Do you believe that you are exactly where you are supposed to be?". I thought this was interesting because I had already expressed to her that day how I really had been gaining a testimony that I knew I was in the right place, etc, etc. But as she asked me that question I really stopped and thought for a minute. That morning and over those 2 days I just kept thinking how tired I was and how I just didn't have much energy to do this work. But as she asked me that question I realized that no matter how uncomfortable I was sleeping in 3 different apartments that week, or being with a lot of different companions, or having to completely start over introducing myself a million times, I was still exactly where I was supposed to be. I realized that being in the right place at the right time doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Sometimes it's still going to be hard. That's the way the Lord designed it. His plan is perfect.I love this gospel. Today in personal study I learned a lot about eternity. I have absolutely no idea how to comprehend that... but I am gaining a testimony that we are eternal beings. Our potential is infinite. We have to see that in ourselves, but more importantly, we have to see that in others. I really want to work on gaining a more eternal perspective in this next transfer as we will be meeting/working with so many new people. 

I am very excited for all the challenges that lie ahead. I love you all and am un-endingly thankful for your support and love.

Gu Jiemei

PS. My new companion arrives on Wednesday and I will meet her on Friday:) I'm so excited and nervous :) haha.
I asked Sister Huang to write in my journal for me. (She's one of our roommates) So I told her about my day in Chinese and she wrote about it in English. #languagestudyfun :) haha
Today our companionship went with the Elder's in our zone to a mountain in Beinan to watch the sunrise. We had to get up super early but I really learned so much on this trip about obedience and how I need to step it up. I'm excited for my new missionary to come and trying to be full of faith, but I'm nervous too haha :)
We went to a morning market today in the courtyard of a buddhist temple. 
Another picture of the morning market

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