Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How Will You Always Remember Him?

Scooter contacting. Sometimes being on the streets of Taiwan is like being in a Mario Kart Race:)
Sister Power!!! On our way to zone conference
Having dinner with all the missionaries in Taidong:)
Dear Family and friends,

This week once again has been filled with miracles. I can't really begin to describe my gratitude to my Heavenly Father. I just know that He is aware of me.

To illustrate this, I want to share a story...

So last night, Sister Johnson and I went to go visit one of the Less-Actve members of our ward. But her car wasn't there and she clearly wasn't home. She talked to us last week about how she wants us to meet with her son, who is already 8 years old, and teach him the lessons so that he can be baptized. But they weren't home and the night before during planning we had decided we would go to the street perpendicular to her house. So we went knocking on this street. Seems innocent enough right? I have never been so frequently rejected in my life. Every single door we knocked was a bu yao. Then the last man we talked to was actually Christian. He had read the Book of Mormon 2 times, believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet, believed that an angel had revealed the plates unto him... but didn't believe our church was true. That was one of the most frustrating moments of my mission. haha. 

So as we walked away, I just didn't feel the Spirit. I was upset. I was upset with Heavenly Father because He wouldn't just make things easy for us. I've really been focusing on faith this month and as we rode away from this area I was thinking about why Heavenly Father makes us test our faith. Sister Johnson was leading and all of a sudden she stopped and said "I think we need to go back to our LA's house." I had already checked for her car when we rode by and it still wasn't there. But we followed the prompting. 

We headed back and our LA was still not home. So we knocked on her neighbor's door. She was very short with us and seemed very irritated. But she talked with us for a long time. We were able to place a Book of Mormon and have a lesson with her! Then just as we were wrapping up who should drive up? Our LA with all of her kids. We were able to help them unpack their car and get them all inside. Then we were able to have a lesson with her son!! IT WAS A MIRACLE! 

This experience has really strengthened my faith in Ether 12:6. (Jordan's favorite scripture!) I know that faith is a precious attribute. That is why we have to work for it. It's not something we can have on a whim. We must have steadfast faith in Christ. Because He is the one who brings the miracles into our lives. 

So the mission tour started this week in our zone! It was amazing. I was so impressed with President and Sister Gong. Sister Gong is a Taiwan Taipei missionary! She's kept her Chinese up all these years! It was so cool to see their examples. I learned so much about the sacredness of my Savior. I've been changed through them and their example. The question they asked me that was most poignant to me was about our covenants. He asked

How will you always remember him?

It really caused me to reflect. I invite everyone to think about this and ask Heavenly Father to help them :) 

I'm sorry I don't have much time, but I love you all. thank you for your support. I know that the Lord is blessing us so much. All is well in Taiwan :)

Gu Jiemei

Sometimes missionary work is exhausting:)

Sometimes when you are watching a Mormon Message you see yourself and your parents in the background of it!!! Go Cougars!!!

Sometimes we have to make funny faces...

and more funny faces!!!
Let the soccer contacting continue:)

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