Monday, November 17, 2014


The fountain in front of our apartment froze this week
Well it has been a week FILLED with miracles here in Dunwoody :)

This week... ... WE HAD 20 MEMBER PRESENT LESSONS! Yep. It was amazing. We really consecrated our efforts and did EVERYTHING in our power to accomplish this goal. Let me tell you some of the miracles that came from having Members present in our lessons.
More amazing members!!! Sister Evans & Ann
Firstly, let's talk about "S"(Not really her name, but I do know someone named S... anyways...). S is really hard to get a read on. We set appointments with her, but EVERY time we go over there she says she has to get ready for work and can't really talk. This last time we went over with a member from our ward, Sister Shirling. S pulled the same routine about having to go to work and blah blah blah. We asked if we could at least come in and say a prayer with her. (Prayer really is the key to getting into people's doors here in the South haha). She agreed and we were let into her doorway. Sister Burckle and I were talking about prayer and revelation and help from God and doing our thing. Sister Shirling would comment every now and then and it was really awesome! Then we said a prayer with S. As we were leaving, Sister Shirling said "Make sure you're specific in your prayers honey." Half an hour later, we got a call from S. This was super cool because, to my knowledge, she's never called the missionaries before. We answered and she asked if she could talk to Sister Shirling. We handed the phone off and Sister Shirling ended up talking with her about prayer for 15 minutes!! IT WAS AMAZING! MEMBERS HAVE ALL THE POWER!
Our neighbor won at Bingo and brought us Eggo Waffles and plantains:)
Another Member present miracle was the C family. We had met them last week and let me tell you... it was like being in an episode of the District. They gathered their children and came and listened and answered all the questions and asked their own questions and just... yes! It's exactly how I imagined missionary work would be! So they're Spanish speakers and so we thought it would be super awesome to find someone who spoke Spanish to come with us. Little did we know... :) God had so much in store. So we had an appointment with them yesterday and had set up a team up with Sister Rea. She speaks Spanish and is one of the cutest people I know. We knew she would just be perfect. So we were running around like crazy people yesterday when we got a call from C. He said that he and his family were leaving for the night and told us to not come over. I turned to Sister Burckle and we both knew we HAD to see them. So we asked if we could at least come over and pray with them before they left. He said that would be ok. So we called Sister Rea and asked her how soon she could be there. Turns out she was already on her way (Awesome!). So we got there, sprinted out of our car. Prayed with Sister Rea really fast, then went and knocked on the door. Their house looks kind of scary from the outside, but then you go inside. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly in a non-members home. It was amazing! You could tell that they really love each other. The house was clean. It is a place of peace. So we went inside and sat on the couch. We knew they didn't have much time so we started asking if they had read the pamphlet. We brought them a Spanish one and gave it to them along with a Spanish BOM. Then Sister Rea comes in. We had been testifying in English for a while and then all of a sudden she flipped a switch and took control. I don't understand much Spanish, but oh my goodness... what I did understand was one of the most beautiful testimonies I have ever heard. She told them powerfully of how this gospel had helped her family. It reminded me of a quote from Elder Scott. I don't remember all of it, but basically he talks about how the Spirit speaks to us best in our native language. I can testify that this is true. I know that C truly felt the Spirit. And the rest of their family as well :) Sister Rea nailed it. Then as we were walking out we set up a return appt. Sister Rea asked us if she could come. SHE ASKED US IF SHE COULD COME WITH US! :) Wha?! It was such a tender mercy.
We finally made it to Chinatown this week with Sister Woodruff:)
This last one is probably my favorite. Let me set the scene for you... It's about 6:25. It's late. It's dark. Sister Burckle and I are at 19 member presents. We only need one more and we have less than 2 and a half hours to do it. We had an appointment, but our team-up cancelled on us. So we called probably 5 different members of the ward. We were lost as to what to do. Then we thought of the Womble's. They're an older couple and they have recently submitted their misison papers. We called Brother Womble and asked him if he felt like Superman today. He said he's always super man and asked us where we needed him :) haha. So we gave him the address and waited. And waited. And waited. At 7:00 we call him and he says he's on his way. We wait. We wait. We sing hymns. We wait. We get nervous. We wait. We realize that Brother Womble and his wife are lost. 4 phone calls and another half hour later, we see a black truck pulling up. We get out and greet them excitedly. We decided that we weren't going to visit J anymore. Her neighbor's name is L. She's from China and she's been here for a few years. We met her on Tuesday and she is the cutest Chinese woman you'll ever meet.  I love her so much. When we met with her the first time, she ended up giving me the entire bible on tape to help me learn Chinese. She wouldn't let me leave without it! So we decided we would take the Wombles to visit her. On our way in I explained our plan. We were going to sing with her, pray with her, and get a return appointment. It was a very exciting thing :) haha We knocked on her door and as soon as she saw me she said 'COME IN COME IN!' She was very excited. We talked a while in Chinese and I was able to give her a copy of the Living Christ in Chinese (thank you MTC!). She said she wasn't Christian but she knew who Jesus Christ was. Then we sang for her. We sang How Great Thou Art. 

Now to make sure you understand, let me tell you what this looks like.... It's been raining outside so here we all are, wet, and bundled up in lots of clothes. You've got the Wombles, two tall African Americans, who are belting out this hymn, you've got me singing Alto, Sister Burckle singing Soprano, and then L following along in broken English. I have never heard anything more beautiful. It was powerful. As we were leaving, Brother Womble asked me to translate for him. He told L that he felt like he had found his lost sister. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! :) I know that The Lord lives. He is aware of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US. He knows where we are and what we need. I love you all and I hope you are having a great day.

Members have the power. They are the key to getting into doors and getting into hearts. Every member is a missionary. I encourage each of you to do 1 thing this week to help the missionaries in your area. They will be so thankful and the Lord will bless you sooo much.
All my love

Gu Jiemei

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