Monday, November 24, 2014

3 Months Out & Dunkin Donuts

We love packages:)
Cute Sister Campbell who took Maddie a maple donut and some things to warm her up:)
This week was amazing and miracle filled (No surprise there), but also very humbling. I truly recognized how little I know this week. How small I am in comparison to this big picture that the Lord has. But at the same time, I've become exceptionally aware of his love for each of his children. He trusts us 19-21 year old kids to go and preach the gospel... and it works! The church must be true :)

Well I hit my 3 month mark this week. 3 MONTHS?! I really am so astounded. That means I've been here in Dunwoody for over a month. Shenme Dongxi? I still feel like I just got here. I'm so thankful for the urgency I have felt here for the past few weeks. I've been able to work really hard and get so much done so that I'll be able to have no regrets before I head out to Taiwan :) As we were praying last night as a companionship, I was saying the prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for our ability to work hard... I sat there for a minute and thought about that. 

"Isn't working hard a choice?" I thought. Well of course it is. But sometimes things happen that don't allow us to work as hard like sickness, or distraction, or other issues. Sister Burckle and I have been very blessed by Heavenly Father to be able to work hard here in Dunwoody and not have those issues.

We once again acheived our goal of having 20 member present lessons :) The members have been incredibly helpful in helping us achieve this goal, but also within the individual lessons. We've had a couple of different situations come up this week with investigators that Sister Burckle and I had no idea how to handle, but because of certain experiences that the members had they were able to relate and help hasten this work. It was amazing!!
So much rain this week!!! I love it. It reminds me that Heavenly Father loves me :)
One of our favorite people:)
K- This woman is one of my favorite people in the world. Sister Echols and I met her when we accidentally parked in her parking spot. I got out of the car to back Sister Echols up  (Standard Missionary procedure) and I went over and offered her a Nativity card. (We're having an activity at our church building with a live nativity and lots of standing nativities and music and it's just going to be amazing! Anyways...) K doesn't really like organized religion. She's been to a couple different churches and just had some terrible experiences with them. So she's hesitant to jump into anything. But! She came to Sacrament meeting a couple weeks ago! It was so wonderful to have her there! Then in Sacrament meeting the speakers talked about things that K had mentioned that she had a problem with! #tendermercy. We called K and set up another appointment with her and she agreed to meet us at Dunkin Donuts for a chocolate run :) It was awesome.

While we were there, we're pretty sure she was going to drop us. She asked us what our church's mission statement was (Which I guess is a pretty common thing here in the South?) and I told her what our purpose as missionaries was. She said, "That sounds nice, but I've heard all that before." I honestly didn't know what to say. Sister Burckle followed up with some solid testifying and then we asked K some questions. We wanted to know how her other church experiences were. As we sat and listened she really opened up to us about how she felt... and something changed. Sister Burckle and I have tried pinpointing what we said that changed her mind, but we have no idea. Looking back now, we know it's because the Spirit was there, testifying of truth, working through two young girls to bring someone unto Christ. But K changed her tune. We ended up offering her a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and she almost started crying. She said she was so grateful to have that and she knew that God was trying to teach her something. We were able to set up another appointment with her :)
K is seriuosly just such a bright light. She can see truth and I know that she is going to accept this gospel when the time is ready and she comes to know that it is true.

He gave me my first referral for Taiwan!!!
This man's name is S.  You'll never guess where he's from... Taiwan! :) haha I heard him and two other people speaking Mandarin in Dunkin Donuts after we said goodbye to K and so I went up and said hello. They were very surprised that I knew Chinese and S asked me about our church and where we were from and everything. He knows the musical the Book of Mormon and thought it was so funny... ha. We always carry copies of the Book of Mormon with us and so we were able to give him one right then and there. Then I told him that I had a Chinese one in the car and he said he would love that. We ran to our car and ended up giving him both of the BOM! It was awesome. And then he said this, "I have a brother in Taiwan, he's very religious. When you get there you should go find him. Here's my number. Call me and I'll give you his address so you can talk to him." 


Sometimes we have to be a little crazy. I bought a tiger shirt & Sis Burckle bought a cat shirt:) haha
 I love you all. Thanks so much for all the love and support!!! Georgia is amazing and the members take such good care of the missionaries:) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Gu Jiemei

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