Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Wonderful Miracle

District Bowling Activity
We love Bowling!!! I love Sister Meyers:)
Our sweet investigator Lin Dixiong came bowling with us and brought us cupcakes!!!
Dear Family and Friends,

The Story of Lin Dixiong:

So do you remember Lin Dixiong who was supposed to be baptized and then didn't show up? Well we found him two Sunday's ago. It was pretty intense. It was probably one of the most adrenaline filled moments of my life. Long story short, we sat at his door knocking for almost half an hour and he finally opened. We were able to set up with him and found out about a lot of concerns he has had but never told us before his baptism. It was such a big relief for all of us. He's really been humbled lately. At our first lesson with him since we re-found him, he decided that he needed to confess to the ward. Luckily for him, it was fast and testimony meeting so he got his chance. He got up and shared what his problems were and asked for everyone's forgiveness for his not being baptized. He testified that he has gotten to know the Savior better and that he has learned a lot. It was wonderful. He was completely swarmed by our members after Sacrament meeting and I didn't really even get a chance to talk to him! haha but then he also came to FHE that night. It was a big blessing and a miracle of fasting and prayer :) 

This week we met with him on Wednesday and were able to have a lesson all about enduring to the end and trials. At the end we talked to him about baptism. We told him we wanted to set a date with him and he said no. He said he just didn't have that feeling yet. We left the lesson frustrated and not really knowing how to help him. 

He then called us around 4:30 and said, "Hey... are you going to eat dinner soon right?" WE told him we were and he was invited to come with us and our district. We texted him the address and then waited for him there. We waited for a long time and I was kinda getting worried that he wouldn't find it. But eventually he walked through the doors with the biggest smile on his face. He said, 
"Do you know why I'm here?"
"Um... to eat?"
"I am here because I want you to arrange my baptism."
*Sister Meyers and I just hugged and screamed.*
"What happened?!"
"Well... after you left I was in my room and I was kind of praying and I just felt like it was good."

We've seen him almost every day since then. His interview is on Wednesday and his baptism is on SATURDAY! :)

Mom asked me what I've been studying lately and this week I've been studying the Riciarrdi letter. It's all about this really awesome missionary and it's been quoted in General Conference and random stuff, but anyways, I was reading it and it talks about obedience
and why we obey. It tells the story of an Elder who was transferred to a very difficult area and just wasn't seeing any success. He said he felt he was the most obedient, working the hardest, and seeing the least results. He said he spent a long time praying one day and got the answer that God knew exactly where he was. That God had sent him there to learn and grow. I thought back to my time in Xinan and how difficult it was for me. I felt just like this Elder in the story. I went into a room and said my own prayer of thanks. The current bush story came flashing back into my mind and I was finally able to thank Heavenly Father for loving me enough to cut me down.

I love this gospel. The church is true:) Thank you so much for all the love and support!!!
Gu Jiemei
This what it looks like at night in the streets of Taiwan when we go out finding!!!
Mission Leadership Counsel
So this Monday I had a name written down with a phone number. I literally have no idea how it got into my planner. I'm assuming it was a referral from the computer that I must've written down? Anyways... so we set up with this guy and get his address. So we travel to his address (what I think is 22), but find out we're in the wrong place ( it's supposed to be 242. Curse the Taiwanese accent!) and our members have been following us around trying to find it with us and we don't have bikes so we're taking taxis and we went the wrong direction in the first place... and ya it was a little bit chaotic! So then we finally get to the correct address and a high school aged girl answers the door. She then says that the guy we had an appointment with actually went outside to find us, but she welcomes us in and so does her mom! They invite us to sit down and the mom then goes and grabs enough chairs for us and all 3 of her kids to sit down together. I was a little surprised! But when our original appointment guy came back he told us that he had intended for us to meet with his whole family from the beginning! Cool right?! 
My name spelled in Dominoes:)
Isn't the food beautiful!!!!!
This is our sweet and amazing Li Jiemei. It was such a blast being with her on her VERY FIRST exchange! Whoot whoot! She is the oldest missionary I've ever met and actually ever heard of. 31. But she's here. And she's doing the work. And she's awesome :) She's inspiring and I'm so thankful I got to learn from her on this exchange! 
This is my dear friend Cora.

Fun fact? She's from Zhubei! haha We had the blessing of getting to visit with her and talk about her mission with her. She's preparing to go, but still waiting on her parent's agreement. Her mom actually just recently decided that it would be ok for her to go! It was a huge miracle.

I know that God is turning the hearts of the FATHERS to the CHILDREN and the hearts of the CHILDREN to the FATHERS. God is opening Taiwan. And slowly opening China.
Some sweet angels that I love here in Taiwan.  TAN JIEMEI AND OU JIEMEI!

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