Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy September!

Jacky our investigator who invited us to play tennis!
Sometimes this is what happens during companionship study:)
After that happens in companionship study, this happens:) Sister Fenlaw is very creative!!!
Amazing Taiwanese food. #hellokitty
Happy September one and all!

Some of the happenings of our week:

1- One of our investigators invited us to play tennis.  When we first met Jacky he looked me up and down and said what sport do you play? I told him I liked to play soccer and then asked him how he knew. He said I can see your feet... so I know. 
Now while soccer may be one of my talents... Tennis is most surely not. haha I think Jacky was a little disappointed that we weren't American Tennis all-stars. Oh well :) haha 

2- We got to do Temple Tours again this week. **We also got to use Ipads this week for Temple Tours! It was so awesome to be able to pull up mormon messages and videos. I LOVE THE CHURCH. We also watched the Tyler Haws video and I got to show Sister Fenlaw how famous I am ;) haha
Shi Mama was outside the temple after we finished our temple tours. She has been a member for 30 years!! She's amazing.
3- English Class in Taipei is amazing!!! This is actually one of my favorite parts of working up here. Our English program has a million students. So lots of people get to come into the church and they get to feel the Spirit and meet missionaries and it's just... brilliant!

4-On Wednesday (I think) we had a really rough contact with this man. He claimed to be Christian and invited us in. Then we asked if we could pray with him and he said no. (Surprisingly, the people who most often reject prayer are Christians here)  He then became very hostile towards us. We talked about Jesus Christ and the Atonement and he said that God wouldn't possibly have allowed his Son to die on the cross. I testified that this man needed to repent and accept Jesus Christ in His life as the Savior. Then Sister Fenlaw started to testify and this man just kept talking over her. It was frustrating for everyone involved and we just didn't feel the Spirit. We left after telling him God loved him.

A few days later we felt prompted to go down a certain alleyway. At the end of the alleyway there was one door and I knew we had to knock it. A man answered and began to talk to us. We testified that he was a child of God and then he proceeded to testify that he was God and blah blah blah. He also became pretty hostile and rude to us. Then Sister Fenlaw rocked it. She started to testify and (just like a few days earlier) this man started to talk over her. But instead of letting this frustrate her more, she waited. She was patient and loving even though this man was being completely disrespectful to her and us. I watched in amazement as my companion (who has only been here for a little over a month) completely captivated him with her next testimony. The Spirit stayed there. It was such a testimony to me that we truly are representatives of Jesus Christ and when we do as He teaches us, we feel His peace. We truly can always have His Spirit to be with us.

I feel that I just need to bare my testimony this week.

I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that God has a plan for each of His children. I know that God's plan is perfect and is how we can return to live with Him and our families for eternity. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He truly did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I know that the Priesthood Power has been restored upon the earth. I know that God wants His children to be happy. I know that trials are meant to help us to stretch and grow. I am thankful that I can repent when I fall down and that someone has already paid the price for every fall.

Thank you for all of the love and support. 


Gu Jiemei

English boarding for our English classes
These are moon cakes. They're a lot like biscuits, but they have things like red bean or green bean or duck egg or sesame in them. SOO GOOD. 
This is Tan Jiemei. She's another angel of a member. She sticks with us through getting stood up, finding, and all the other shenanigans we go through. Today while we were waiting for an investigator to come to the church, we decided to develop our talents and practiced drawing.
Our "gift" this week for the visiting sisters was of course a rap, but included awesome costumes!!
Our "gift" part 2 
YSA fhe!! It's the best:) It was so much fun and took me right back to BYU. haha It was so much fun to laugh. They taught us a new game! And normally I'm very good at games... but this one was explained to me in very fast high-pitched Chinese. It took us a minute... but both Sister Fenlaw and I got the hang of it! haha :) 


  1. She is awesome! I cannot imagine having someone tell you they are Christian and then not letting you pray. And to completely be rude to these sweet sister missionaries. TUGS at my heart! Maddie is a GREAT example to me. Thanks for having such a great daughter out in the mission…again. :-) You guys are super parents!

  2. I can't believe she likes Chinese moon cakes! I always found those to be disgusting.