Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day Skype!!!

Skyping with the family!!!
Sister Giles & her cute companion Sister Johnson
Mom Note:
Skyping with Maddie was the best!! I loved seeing this sweet girl! She looked great and sounded great!!! She is so happy and working hard in Taidong! She said that the most important thing she has learned on her mission is to rely and trust in the Lord. She said, "Sometimes I think I can do things by myself, but I have learned that it is best to rely on the Lord! Things always go so much better!" 

She loves her companion! She said their area is huge so they are biking so much and are so busy teaching! They get home each night and collapse into their beds exhausted. She also said there is lots of laughter because they are so tired. haha. There is no better feeling than being exhausted at the end of a day as a missionary, feeling like you have given it your all!

She wouldn't show me her legs, which apparently look terrible, because of all the mosquitos that love her!!! She bore her testimony to us in Chinese and it was amazing!!! The gift of tongues is real!  

What a blessing to have this sweet girl on a mission!!! We love her and miss her. I know she is so grateful for good friends and family who support her. 


All the family and Leasa(Geret's Office Manager who Maddie loves) were here for a Mother's day celebration and to say "Hi" to Maddie
Love that girl!!! 
Quite the set up:)
Ending our visit with Family Prayer:)
Dear Family,
OH MY WHAT A DELIGHTFUL TREAT TO TALK TO YOU ALL! Seriously. I'm still just... the most delighted.
So here are a few things we didn't talk about:

-WE BOUGHT SLEEPING MASKS. Because we're becoming more and more Taiwanese by the day.
This week was a good one. We've been challenged by our leaders to do some pretty difficult things this month, but we have already seen miracles coming from our hard work.
We had interviews with President Day this week :) I love President Day and I am going to miss him so much. I testify that he is called of God and that he knows what he's doing. Every assignment and calling I have gotten from him has pushed me, but it's made me better. 
Funny Story:
So President and Sister Day came to our branch this week! Sister day doesn't speak any Chinese, so President Day asked if I could translate church for her. The first two talks went alright and I didn't really have to struggle much... then the High Councilor spoke. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS SAYING. I just looked at Sister Day and said, "Well... I'm sure what he's saying is very profound and meaningful." haha I made eye contact with President Day a couple times and he just smiled and laughed. After the meeting, President Day made sure to come up to me and talk to me for a second. He told me, "Sister Giles, I just want you to know there's nothing wrong with your Chinese. That man was quoting ancient Chinese Philosophers and Ph. D's and such." hahahah IT was so funny.
This week...This week. It was full of lots of funny experiences. And full of lots of growth. I think I've known from the start of my time here in Taidong that I was going to be stretched a lot. That has proven true every single day. I've had to face a lot of my worst fears and weaknesses while I"ve been here. But I've been so blessed to have a wonderful companion, fantastic leaders, and a great branch. I know the Lord is stretching me into what he wants me to be. I think the biggest thing stopping me from progressing sometimes is myself. But that's why we have the Savior right? Right. He saves us from everything. Including ourselves. 
I testify that God is here in Taiwan. This is a place where the church is blossoming. It's so exciting to be a part of such growth! We also got confirmation this week that there WILL be a new stake in Taidong! That will be initiated in Hualien in June. We're VERY excited. I'm so blessed to be a part of this work. 
We'll just do our best and God will make up the rest.
Gu Jiemei

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  1. Maddie, it is so wonderful to read of the wonderful experiences you are having. Thank you for serving so well and so devotedly! We are proud to just know you, and your grandpa doubly proud to have you as a granddaughter! We will continue to pray for you. Love, Grandpa Ray and Margy