Monday, February 2, 2015

Top 10 Things of this Week

These are called "fanguangdai". They keep us safe on our bikes :) This is also a perfect example of our companionship unity :) haha
I met my first Gu Jiemei!!!! :) She's also a Christian :)
Dear Family & Friends,

So this week was amazing and spiritually stretching.

Here is the biggest compliment of the week: 

"You don't really look like a foreigner... you look like a good mix." -Lin Jiemei

Top 10 things of the week:

1. This one was a pretty huge miracle. We've been teaching a Wang JM. She's from mainland China. She's pretty dang golden. We're super excited for her except for one thing... she'll be going back to mainland China for a month. We were worried because there just isn't a lot of church influence there and she still doesn't quite understand that we're not just A church of Jesus Christ, but we are THE church of Jesus Christ. On Sunday we met one of our member's friends... guess where she's from? Mainland China. Guess what she did? She came to our ward. Guess what else she did? She texted members from China. Guess what she gave us? The address, branch president's name, and branch president's phone number for the ward in China where Wang JM will be living.

2.  I was able to understand Wang JM enough to explain this to her on the phone. 

3. I have really been able to develop relationships this week with ward members. We have a lot of YSAs and I've been able to REALLY become friends with them! It's nice to be more than just Wu Jiemei's companion.

4. Wu Jiemie and I took a picture and I realized something very sad.... my companion is Taiwanese and her eyes are STILL bigger than mine! haha :)

Here we are in front of our chapel in Zhubei. It's so beautiful. Notice the soccer field right in front of it:) Isn't that lucky?!!!!
5. Ye Dixiong came to church! He only came for 1 hour, but it was still pretty dang exciting :)

6. I completely visited a member by myself. This was terrifying. We were at the church and Wu Jiemei had to talk to the clerk about some things during our meeting with this member and so she stepped off to the side and I had to completely lead this lesson. No other member present, just me. But guess what? It worked. You know how? The Spirit. It truly is amazing to me how much the Spirit will take over when we really are doing our best to love the people and do what the Savior wants us to do. 

7. I learned some Taiwanese games at FHE.

FHE with the members. I'm teaching them "Down on the Banks" :)
8. We got fed 3 times in 2 hours. I've never been so full on my mission. haha

9. Our new investigator Avon is sooo awesome! I'm super pumped for her. From the first time I met her we hit it off. Which is weird because a lot of Taiwanese are a bit more reserved with foreigners, but Avon and I just laughed and hugged and had a great time. I'm very excited to see where she goes on this journey.

10. I've been able to really reflect on my mission a lot. This time next year I will be in my last transfer coming home. This blows my mind. I can't believe how long I've been out. I still feel like I know nothing. haha But I know that the Lord is helping me. I can't physically see His hand. But i know He is here. 

I want you all to know how much I love you. This work is insane and stretching me so much, but the stretching is always followed by an increase of love. Our Savior is here. He knows us and loves us infinitely. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Gu Jiemei
Exercising with some ward members:)

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  1. We wear yellow belts too. We use them for all sorts of things; working by roads, during physical training, road marches. Gotta love the yellow reflective belts.