Monday, January 12, 2015

Love is Always the Answer

The beautiful beach near Zhubei
A typical taiwanese house 
My Dear Beloved Family & Friends

This week was FULL of some pretty huge events.

Monday: It was P-day. I was pretty stressed and I just didn't know how to get out of my funk. The day before P-day when we were planning, Wu Jm suddenly slammed her fist on the table and said "oooh! Let's go to the beach tomorrow. I have so much energy. Let's go!" So we got it all worked out with our District. By the time it was time to go to the beach, I was pretty exhausted and I just wanted to sit at home. The beach is in our area, but it's about a 45 minute ride on our bikes. That didn't sound too appealing to me... but we went anyway. We were riding lots of hills and it was a really tiring ride for me. I'm still not good at using the gears on my bike so I'm always at the back of the pack, but it gave me a really neat opportunity to look around me. Taiwan is so beautiful. And honestly that ride was one of the most beautiful I've been on.... there were just so many hills! haha And then we got lost and... there was just some frustration. Then we crested the final hill... I almost cried. I love the beach anyway, but this was not just any beach. This was a beach (which is my favorite place) in Taiwan (which is my new favorite country) while I'm on my mission (which is my favorite job) during a time which was very stressful (which you already know). It was like getting a giant hug from my Heavenly Father. I knew that he was aware of me and that he was watching out for me. We spent about an hour there and it was just the best :)

Tuesday: We had Zone conference! Which was pretty exciting since it was my first one. Fun fact, I've been called on to say the opening prayer at every meeting we go to. Wu JM says it's kind of a new missionary rite of passage :) haha. The best part of this conference however was that President Day was there. During a break time he asked if we could talk after the meeting.I just assumed that he was interviewing all the new missionaries so I didn't think much of it. Then I realized that I was the only one and I got a little nervous. We sat down and all President Day said was "Sister Giles, I just wanted to meet with you for a minute to follow up and see how you're doing." It had nothing to do with giving me a responsibility or calling me to repentance it was simply him checking up on me. It was just what I needed. It's just what our Savior would have done and I am so grateful.

Wednesday: My first exchange with the Temple Sisters! Once again, I was with a Native, but of course ;) Her name is Sister Su and her family are all members. She became a Temple Sister the day I came to the mission. She's so awesome. I don't know what I would've done without her. I don't know why, but every time we do exchanges, things go wrong. Wednesday was no exception :) haha our lesson cancelled and we got lost, but she handled everything so well. I really hope that one day I will be like these older Sister missionaries. They're wonderful and just so capable!

My exchange with Sister Su
Thursday: We had a really awesome with Cho DX. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and guess what? He hasn't had coffee since!! He's so humble and willing to follow the commandments of the Lord!!

Friday: New Missionary Training! :) I got mail:) We only get mail at conferences:) I was so happy to hear from some dear friends and family!!! At New Missionary Training we talked about the gift of tongues. It was so wonderful. I really learned that it's a process. It's not just a one-time event, it's a struggle and a journey. The point though, was that it is all about loving the people. I couldn't agree more. The more I listen, the more I truly try to understand people's feelings, the easier it is to speak this language. LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER :)

Also I need to write down what we had for dinner on Friday. We went to a little night market;
Duck tongue
Fried crab (... the whole crab)
Broccoli with Lotus
Fried Turnip
Fish/Flour patty thing 
Octopus meatball
Rice with Pig's blood
Chicken skin 

Love the food here!!!

This is my favorite Taiwanese food :) It's called Zhuangzi (I'm pretty sure... but I always say it wrong) They eat it for the Dragon Boat Festival. It's soooo good. 
Saturday: We had another district Tsunami and wow wow wow. Miracles! We invited a member to come with us and guess how many lessons we had? 5! We were only out there for an hour and half. That means that we had 6 peike's (member present lessons) for the day! It was amazing. God has really been blessing us for our obedience and hard work. I also passed off lesson 2 of Phase 1! It's the language learning book we use and I've been teaching one of our Less active members all of the lessons. He has really been changing!! After this last lesson he gave us a referral!! Then he told us that he wants to peike! God loves his children!

Sunday: Guess who gave her first talk in sacrament meeting? This girl :) Did it go well? No I don't really think so :) haha. I forgot what I wanted to say and I talked too fast, but it was really fun :) haha I learned a lot and I'm excited to try again. The coolest part? Wu JM gave her talk in English (because our ward is partially foreigners) and guess who was her translator? Yours truly. It was really fun. :) I can do hard things!
Our awesome Relief Society. Aren't they beautiful?
Well that was my week :) It was everything and more. I love my Savior. I've been reading the New Testament lately and I finished Luke today. Every time I read about them going to get the colt for the Savior to ride on I get a little sad :( I know that this means it's close to the end of His ministry and that is so sad. What a blessing to know that He lives today. He was resurrected. He loves us. He knows our pains and our sorrows. Wow. We are so blessed to know about Him.

Thank you for all of the love and support. Your girl is doing well here :) 

With all my love,

Gu Jiemei

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