Monday, September 22, 2014

Going to the Temple is Like Coming Home

My awesome roomies!!!
There were so many cool things this week :) We had the best TRC experience ever. We taught 2 returned missionaries and we really felt inspired about what to talk with them about. We planned to speak on prayer (I think) at the beginning, but in our first lesson we ended up speaking about hope and in the second one we ended up discussing the Priesthood and how it's the power of God. Shenme?! God is real! He has a plan and He knows His children.

We also tried a new tactic with our investigators this week. Both of them kind of hit a wall and we didn't feel like they were progressing very fast. So we decided to try and ask them if they had any service that we could do for them. It was fun to watch the smiles on their faces as we tried, in broken chinese, to tell them that we wanted to vacumn their homes. It's the thought that counts right? They were much more open after that.

I Love to See The Temple
I also had the opportunity to lead our discussion on Sunday, which is kind of like Sunday school. The theme was temples and so I thought it would be cool to just go around the room and have everyone share something that they loved about the temple or an experience they've had or a scripture they like. The youth of this church are amazing! The coolest thing was recognizing just how different everyone's experiences were, and yet we all testified of our love of the temple. God knows us! 

I love learning Chinese!!!
We also got to watch the Ogden Temple Dedication. How cool was that? I loved what Elder Bednar said about us coming home. That's exactly how I feel about the temple too! We got to go to the temple today and it was just wonderful. The Spirit is so strong. 

Also we have the best musical numbers ever here at the MTC. Seriously. AMAZING!

We also had the opportunity to host this week! Which was super awesome :) I love meeting new missionaries. It's also weird to think that I'm finally in the oldest Mandarin speaking District. It's weird having everyone gone, but I really feel like I'm getting a handle on this stuff. I love how much learning happens here. I always loved school, but this is so much better because it's a school that teaches you how to be a better follower of Jesus Christ and teach others. 

This last Tuesday Elder Scott spoke in our devotional ! I think he gave the same talk that he gave you guys about prayer. It was nice to feel close to you all in that way :) It was amazing to have an apostle here. They are so powerful!! Also, rumor has it that another apostle is coming this week! We'll see :) Also, there was potentially going to be an MTC choir for general conference, but we found out yesterday that only the Elders will be singing and it will be in Priesthood session. So look for my District!
Elders in my district

Getting our blood taken
Every week is hard. But what changes it is the angle you look at it from. What has helped me is looking for the positive things, even when things are hard and frustrating. I'm doing great. 

I love you all. Thank you for all of the love and support. It's been amazing. My District kind of hates me for it because I always have mail... but I am so grateful! It's wonderful to hear from people. Even if it's just a few kind words. So thank you everyone!!   I love you. I have a testimony of all of our divine nature. We are children of the most powerful being in the Universe. Who better to rely on? Definitely no one. He loves us so much. 

Clicking our Heals:)
Also! I met a few missionaries coming to Pleasant Grove. Their names are Sister Inman, Elder Brennan and Elder Isaac. IF you see them, they're great.

I can't believe it's been a month. ONE MONTH. I only have 17 more. That's such a deceivingly short amount of time. Our devotional speaker this Sunday was the former MTC President. He talked a lot about having no regrets. I realized that I really need to be working harder here. It was very humbling,  but also very motivating. I know I can do this. If I rely on my Savior He will carry me through. 

Thank you again!

All my love 

Gu Jiemei

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